0.6.0 FINAL
– Added powerups
– Added sponsors in splash screen
– Other minor changes


0.6.0 BETA 2
– Added sight upgrades (Night Sight, Glasses)
– Added Saturation upgrades (Fasting, Tasty Food, Survivor)
– Improved staff AI and spawning


0.6.0 BETA 1
– Doors that lead to new areas now work
– Added upgrades (Work In Progress, but the majority is ingame)
– Improved XP system so it’s easier to gain XP
– Staff animation improvements
– Object carrying improvements
– A lot of other changes/fixes/etc


0.5.3 FINAL
– Added batteries, used in crafting
– Added battery power code to flashlight
– Small map changes (boiler room has a 4th doorway)
– Improved equipped item code (persistence)
– Added difficulty multiplier when changing area
– Improved collision detection for object fixing
– Fixed “Cinematic Effects” option not working
– Possibly fixed memory leak


0.5.3 BETA
– Rebranding (SCP-3008: Lone Survivor)
– Added area door in world
– Added area changing mechanic
– Fixed bug: Can’t wake up from sleeping
– Re-added and extended a warehouse room
– Graphics improvements: HBAO replaced by Amplify Occlusion
– Improved light LOD system (smooth fading, better sounds)
– Migrated Fire Axe to new item system
– Minor item spawning improvements
– Fixed problems with staff on 1st day
– Improved lighting and color correction


0.5.2 FINAL
– Staff spawning increased, also spawn on 1st day
– Sound effects for carts, lights, more
– Fixed staff attacking during the day
– Fixed staff bodies floating away
– Minor map changes (new banners, higher banners)
– Fixed an inventory equip exploit/flaw
– Increased flatbed cart spawn rate
– GUI QOL improvements


0.5.2 BETA 3
– Added ability to un-equip handheld objects
– Added control tooltip for fixing/releasing objects
– Improved staff AI and pathfinding
– Crowbar and flashlight can be picked up again
– Increased staff recipe drop rate
– Fixed item recipe bug
– Fixed missing silverware model
– Fixed XP not resetting between games
– Fixed bug with pause menu and inventory
– Fixed bug in item use code
– Other small fixes


0.5.2 BETA 2
– Added control tooltips when carrying objects
– Fixed invincible staff
– Fixed night time music playing during daytime
– Fixed object fix velocity limit not working


0.5.2 BETA
– Flatbed carts to move furniture
– Staff can destroy player’s furniture
– Much better performance (up to 2x FPS)
– Main menu GUI works on all aspect ratios
– Improved cart physics (less clunky)
– You can fix / “nail down” objects (Press N)
– Fixed bug where you can’t sleep on certain beds
– Fixed bug where you won’t die from starvation


– Added XP Meter
– Improved hunger system (starving won’t insta-kill)
– Fixed player movement lock not working
– Improved jumping
– Re-added random staff proportions
– Added sleeping mechanic
– Staff now sometimes drops recipes
– Added GUI tooltip for Interaction
– Added spikes (wooden/metal)
– Added electric traps and tripwire
– Fixed buggy staff walk animations
– HUD now adapts to all aspect ratios